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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Sep 02,2018 | Updated: 17:39, Sep 01,2018


Higher secondary certificate examination’s result has been published and preparations for university admission tests are at full swing. In this context, students have shared their expectations from university life with New Age Youth.

Md Tarek Aziz Bappi

University of Dhaka

Let me tell it from the very beginning. The desire to get admission in a public university was a long cherished dream of mine. From class nine, I started to dream about studying in a university and drew it in my imagination. However, my HSC result caused an immediate disappointment toward this journey. But I didn't give up. And finally the dream came true. During my preparation time, I imagined about a university, where, first priority would be academic excellence. The university which would be student friendly and would ensure perfect environment for education with all necessities like quality teachers, sufficient classrooms, accommodation in residential halls, rich library, abundant capacity and motivation for research, necessary modern technological supports, and most importantly, the scope of free thinking as well as fear and atrocity free campus. From my university, I expected a torch bearing role in intellectual field as well as expected the institution would be always on behalf of all good deeds. The fulfillment of the above expectations, whether met or not, would be a long story!


Adrita Roy

SOS Hermann Gmeiner College

The result of higher secondary certificate result 2018 has been published and now it's the time for another important phase of a student's life - university admission. I am still a student of higher secondary level and I am also going to experience the war of admission ahead in the future soon. I will try to get into a medical college because of my ambition to be a good doctor. But, if unfortunately, I don't get the chance in medical college, there will be loads of other options ahead of me though. I expect the admission tests to be partiality free for every student. Also, all of the students are really looking forward to fulfilling their dreams in various fields. But it's going to be tough to fight for the position in universities as there will be many ambitious students as competitors. Wherever I get a chance to continue my higher level studies, I am excited to learn various new things from university and I hope that no one will be disappointed. After all, I wish good luck to every student fighting for his or her position in the desired university!

Tanmoy Sarkar

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

University, story, hope – upon successful completion of school and college, we found ourselves knocking at the doors of university. We hold thousands of dreams, harbour millions of wishes within ourselves. One also has to overcome the perilous path of admission tests before entering a university. However, one might not identify the reason behind admitting to the highest educational institute or push hard to find a place. We do gather knowledge but we are not certain where to invest that knowledge or what to do.  We are still not sure that how we can use this knowledge for the betterment of the country. Every year, students from my institution participate in different international competitions and bag prestigious awards. However, the apparent effect stops there. The young generation has a lot of ideas about changing the society but most of them never see light because of proper nurturing and government backup. If the government and the university authorities work hand in hand, there might be some great use of the knowledge that we gather in the tertiary level. If the curriculum is consisted of real life problems, then, we might be able to connect ourselves more with the education system. Because, the dream, which helped us to get to the university, if that remain unfulfilled, the entire purpose of education would remain irrelevant. So, we can consider university as a step of life, from where, we start seeing life as it is.

Sofia Kamal

United International University

When I completed my HSC, I was trying to decide which university I will take admission to. After weighing all my options, I decided that United International University UIU is the most suitable private university for me. I got many positive reviews about my university like- the quality of education, higher qualification of the faculties, scholarship opportunities. They provide individual attention toward the students who need it and finally many opportunities for extracurricular activities such as clubs, competitions, seminars etc. From my personal experience I can claim that UIU met most of my expectations. I don’t know whether I will get a great job or not after graduation, but I can confidently say that university life has given me the tools I need to do something worthwhile with my life.





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