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Shobom Yesmin Bubly

Shobom Yesmin Bubly, who goes by her nickname Bubly on the silver screen, has stolen the limelight acting in six films opposite the Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan.

A former news presenter, Bubly, who is still studying MBA at Dhaka University, has just finished yet another film titled ‘Captain Khan’, this time too opposite Shakib. The film will be released in the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.

The Dhallywood new sensation in an interview with New Age charted her journey into the local film industry from the TV channel career, her current projects and future plans.

Bubly said she never thought of acting in film before she got an offer from Shakib Khan in 2016. ‘Once he came to participate in a programme in our channel and saw me. He instantly did not say anything but later called me over telephone requesting me to act opposite him in a film to be produced by his production house SK Films.’

The actress said she grew up in a culturally-minded family and used to take part in cultural events during her school and college days but never thought of acting in films.

‘In fact, it was a pleasant surprise for me when I got the offer from Shakib Khan. I was in a dilemma for a while. I talked with my family but they discouraged me as like many other middle-class families they had negative impression of film industry,’ Bubly said.

Her family wanted her to continue her job as a news presenter and pay more attention to her study. ‘But, I took the challenge as I always do and gave my consent for acting in the proposed film Priya Rey when I was assured of getting good ambience,’ she recalled.

The actress said the glamour world had no attraction for her but it was her desire to contribute something new to the dying film industry, which drove her to make such a decision.

‘As a news presenter, I used to appear on the TV screen regularly. But, I thought if I start acting in films, many others like me might feel encouraged to come the local film industry,’ Bubly said.

The proposed film Priya Rey, however, did not proceed but the actress got offer from director Shamim Ahmed Roni to act opposite Shakib in another film Boosgiri.

‘As I accepted the offer, my family appeared as a great hurdle. They called the producer and director to drop me out from the film. Then, the producer and the director came to my house and convinced my parents,’ she said, adding that her family still kept telling her to quit her career as a film actress.

Following the release of Bossgiri, five more films starring Shakib and Bubly were released. The films are Shooter (2016), Rangbaj (2017), Ahangkar (2017), Super Hero (2018) and Chittagainga Powa Noakhailla Maiya in the same year. Her performances in Bossgiri and Super Hero got critical appreciations and gave her the celebrity status.

In response to New Age question on her appearances only opposite Shakib Khan in films, Bubly said, ‘It’s not intentional but has happened as the producers and directors always try to make films with hit couples. It happened before in the case of many famous duos like Uttam-Suchitra, Razzak-Kabori, Salman Shah-Shabnur and others.

‘In fact, only six films starring me and Shakib Khan were released in the past three years and the number is not that high. Yet we have become the topic for discussion. But, it is also true that Shakib during the three years acted opposite several other local and Indian actresses. I may pair up with other actors also if I get offer for a good film,’ Bubly says.

Asked if she felt challenged when Shakib performed opposite other actresses, ‘Not at all,’ Bubly said, ‘even if it is with any local actress. But, I have some observations regarding Indian films, especially joint venture films or imported Indian films. Local media give huge coverage of Indian celebrities and films. But, local celebrities and films hardly get any coverage in Indian press.’ 

The actress also said that she came to the film industry with a hope to contribute something and she was faithful to her commitment.

‘I sign for only good films and try my level best to make the film quality one. That’s why I do not want to act in many films,’ she said.

Sharing her current projects, Bubly said she would perform opposite Shakib in two more films this year titled ‘Priyotama’ and ‘Ekti Prem Darkar Manoniya Sarkar’.

‘Priyotama has a fantastic storyline but I’ll not disclose it now.  Ekti Prem Darkar Manoniya Sarkar will be a romantic comedy. I’m negotiating with Shapla Media for another film. Shooting of that film might begin before Ekti Prem Darkar Manoniya Sarkar,’ Bubly said.

The actress said she would continue acting in quality films to be remembered by the film buffs.

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