Urge for freedom depicted thru art

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 23:05, Aug 04,2018 | Updated: 00:49, Aug 05,2018


A display of sculptures by Tejosh Halder Josh at Edge Gallery.

Sculptor Tejosh Halder Josh is displaying his wood and bronze sculptures depicting man’s desire to break free of restrictions and barriers at his second solo show underway at two venues of Edge Gallery.
The show, titled ‘Moving Spirits’, is the second solo show of the artist, who is displaying 82 sculptures and artworks at the Dhanmondi and Gulshan branches of Edge Gallery. Fifty works have been displayed at Dhanmondi, while the Gulshan branch of the gallery is displaying 32 works.
The artist has displayed his works under four series, namely, ‘Run’,’ Wind’, ‘Lines & Space’ and ‘Love, Shelter, Complexity and Hope’.
In the 15 bronze sculptures under the Run series, Tejosh has depicted that all human beings desire freedom.
A number of sculptures of the series show tiny human figures breaking out of cages and boxes.
A few works depict human desire for exploration. For example, the works Run 16 and Run 17 shows tiny human figures transforming into birds to explore the sky.
The sculptures Run 19, Run 20 and Run 21 depict human figures ready to walk out of cages or flying upwards.
In Run 25, another beautiful and eye-catching sculpture, Tejosh has shown seeds sprouting and growing upwards in search of light.
In the 12 wood sculptures displayed under the Love, Shelter, Complexity and Hope series the artist has shown his prowess in abstract expression. The wood sculptures often appear like twisted human or animal figures.
In the experimental paintings under the Wind series, done on MS Sheet using patina enamel paint and ARC welding, the artist has tried to depict the movement of wind.
The show, which was inaugurated on July 28, will remain open for all from 10am to 8pm untill August 11.

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