Monsoon rain: childhood calling

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jul 29,2018


Monsoon rain is associated with a lot of memories, a large share of them are from our childhood. Playing football in open field during rain, empty classrooms, poetry, especial cuisine, petrichor, handmade paper canoe, melody of the rain- all are closely entwined with our childhood. New Age Youth asked students to share those nostalgic reminiscences.  

Adrita Roy

SOS Hermann Gmeiner College.

No matter what, we Bangladeshis love monsoon. My favourite type of weather is where there will be a lot of raining and I will sit beside the window of my room, cuddling with my duvet, a cup of coffee in my hand and reading a book! Sometimes when it overwhelms me, I love to touch the rain with my hand and sometimes I love to sing during this season. I remember one particular memory of my childhood; my whole family used to visit our  village home and we had to cross river Kaliganga on a boat. We were under the roof of the boat, watching the cool weather. Once we reached the house, my grandmother would make Aam Khichuri and some hot fresh fritters to go with it. The family would have a great get-together and enjoy the weather and food. Most of the time, it would be raining and I used to watch it from the veranda with my cousins. I really miss those days. I miss my grandma’s cooking during monsoon because she is no more with us. I will always savour this weather, while listening to music, having different cuisine and reading books in my room, with only the sound of pouring rain. Raindrops may have no colour but those colourless tiny drops sketched many colourful memories to look back and smile!

Farzana Binte Hossain Anna

Jahangirnagar University

A Rainy Day has always been an unofficially declared play-day during my childhood. I and my school friends may miss the school for many reasons but on a rainy day we were eager to go to the school. The whole class used to be in festive mood, lots of confabulates, laughter in every corner, teacher could hardly manage us even sometimes punishment couldn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. We used to play different games, singing song without minding the tune in a very bad voice and most awaited moment came when the tiffin bell rang, we all were ready to run off to the playground to get wet in the rain and jumping on slob in a competition to see who can make their white shoes more dirty! Lastly, we all knew that mummy’s scolding is ready for us but still we walk carelessly and joyfully.


Abul Khaer

Govt Saadat University College, Tangail

With the onset of rainy season, a different kind of joyous feeling prevails in my mind compared to other seasons due to the turning of nature into a unique complexion. After suffering the immense heat of summer, the nature gets new life again with the first droplet of rain and the nature looks like a wonderful painting by an artist. The leaves of trees get back to green and refreshed by the blessing of melodious raining. In this time, the sound of raining fills my heart with a wave of nostalgia from the time when I was a kid and rain meant playing football on the open field and no school. After raining finishes, another scene appears in the sky at the presence of little sunlight, rainbow, which also blows my mind away. During rainy season, I spend most of my time by reading books.


Md. Tarek Aziz Bappi

University of Dhaka

Every year monsoon comes with a new semblance in our lives. That is very different from urban to pastoral life. I passed my childhood in rural area, for that I have different stories to tell. During rainy season in my childhood, many times I went to swamp lands and canals, put fishing nets in the water  to catch fishes. The pleasure was overwhelming when in early morning I used to see so many fishes in my nets. Another interesting memory is, I went to collect water lilies from swamp lands with village boys . On the other hand, in the leisure of rainy days, there were arrangement of different cakes and dishes made by my mother. In today's urban life, I always miss these memories which also make me nostalgic, as I am staying away from my village and family. At present, during rainy days, I do love reading books, listening to music and enjoying especial cuisine that boost up the allure of a rainy day.


Ayesha Alam Bipasha

National University

To some, rain is emotions of illusion, and to others, it is expression of past memories. On the first sign of a cloud in the sky, my mind dances with joy. I think that rain has a deep connection with our emotional pattern, thus, rain is often depicted as embodiment of love and sorrow. Beauty of rain can best be enjoyed in a pastoral setting, rather than in a city of concrete and glass. Sound of down pouring on a tin-shed house, which creates a certain type of melody, can be hard to found in a city. Rain on a water body like river or canal is exceptional scenery. Rain is related to so many sweet memories of childhood that this is undoubtedly my favourite season. To me, rain is an emotion. At the first sight of rain, I feel strong compulsion to go out and get drenched in the blissful water. However, I love to read books during a rainy day, accompanied by a cup of hot tea and puffed rice. The sound on one hand and books on the other- a rainy day best passed. On top of that, when mom cooks special dishes like Bhuna Khichuri with fried Ilish, nothing beats that.

Munia Akter Rispa

Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

A rainy day used to be the most enjoyable day during my childhood. I passed my childhood in rural area, that's why it was full of life and close to nature. In a rainy day, we went to school in a festive mood because teachers didn't take all the classes properly. We used to sing and dance in the class. After finishing the school, I kept my umbrella in the bag to feel the rain drops on my face. We made paper canoe and float them in the rain water streams. It was an amazing feeling, like my own titanic in the ocean. Me along with my friends used to stand under rooftop pipes pouring rain water. It was something really amazing standing under the pipe and feeling the soft pressure of rain water on the head. Actually it’s hard to describe those amazing days in words.



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