Youth employment: promises and perils

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jul 22,2018


The 13th installment of the Labour Force Survey by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics revealed that a large number of 26 million people are unemployed, among them 11.2 per cent are educated youth. The scope of employment seems harder and narrower after a tertiary level student finishes their studies. This statistics is a reason for the youth to be stirred about their future. New Age Youth have asked students to share their thoughts on our highly competitive and comparatively small job market in relation to their future

Suha Hussein

Cordova International School

Every student graduates with the hopes of getting the job that pays right. To put it bluntly, getting the right job in the contemporary scenario of Bangladesh is as difficult as having a very good luck all times. Because a good job requires experience-- experience that you have worked in other places. Of course, there are ways to secure that experience; such as, applying for small, part-time jobs in the fifth or sixth semester subsequently changing to another one over the rest of your university life. So when you finally graduate, you have got some experience to write in your CV and et voilà, you got your job. It's not easy to get the right job but it can be, if one prepares well enough. I am quite hopeful about my career because to have knowledge you must be open to those who have it. And, I believe confidence does half the work. The other half, is of course, up to you.


Farzana Binte Hossain Anna

Jahangirnagar University

I am hopeful about the future because I am working accordingly, focusing on my career. I started working since grade 10. Well, that might be because I needed to work and earn. But, I must say one thing that I worked in my field of interest. I worked in what I am capable of doing. When at times some works seemed difficult, I kept on working till I became comfortable with that. That's how I tried getting myself involved in job sector, and built up my networking. Today, I believe, these are the reasons I am hopeful about getting a secure job. However, the era is competitive and very professional. So are the people in it. In a developing country like Bangladesh, competition increases with each passing day. As a result, one cannot even guess how difficult it is for a fresh graduate trying to get in the job market. Only few of the graduates are lucky to obtain their definition of achievement in this era immediately after passing the degree. Therefore, with 90% assurance, it can be stated that it is NOT an easy task for a fresh graduate in Bangladesh to a get a good job.


Md Tarek Aziz Bappi

University of Dhaka

It is a bitter truth that securing a decent job for a fresh graduate isn't easy at all in most of the cases in Bangladesh. Lack of practicality in the education system, lack of extra-curricular participations by students, lack of opportunity to study in subject that interests one, insufficient financial allotment to education and research field in the national budget – all these contribute to produce poor quality graduates. Despite these hindrances, I do firmly believe that it is possible to capture a decent job if someone can appear himself or herself in the competitive job market with distinguished features and qualifications. If a university student strive to reach his/her expected goal and hold on with target oriented self development then success is bound to be achieved. If it comes to my personal ambit, then I will say that I'm hopeful of securing a good job after my graduation.


Abul Khaer

Govt Saadat University College, Tangail.

Securing a decent job after completing graduation is the cherished goal for the most of job aspirants. But it has now become an immensely hard task to get a decent job after completing graduation due to increasing competitors in job recruitment tests. According to the University Grant Commission, more than 33 lakh students are now studying in different universities of Bangladesh and they are being prepared to dominate the job market. So, after completing their graduation, a decent job aspirant must prepare to face a mammoth competition. But, I am still confident because I always try to perform my duty and pass my days according to a focused daily routine. After all, I will say, in order to get a decent job, there is no alternative to work hard within a daily routine.

Afrida Ahmed Hridee

University of Dhaka 

I have only a year left from completing my graduation, I'm still confused about getting a job as a fresh graduate. Nowadays, employers look for skills, qualities and experience; attributes that aren't always captured by one's CGPA. So your CGPA may get you to the door, but it is not going to close the deal. There are other important factors — your creativity, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, team spirit, decision making skills, presentation and communication ability — that are likely to be far more relevant than the grades you received. So you must have these qualities to ensure a good job for you. But most government jobs are riddled with corruption in our country. The corruption is so overwhelmingly an open secret that it is impossible that someone applying for a government job does not know it exists there. So, overall it's kind of uncertain to get a decent job as a fresh graduate in our country.


Afnan Rahman

North South University

It can be arduous to secure a decent job after completing graduation. ‘If you don’t study hard you will never shine in life’-these are the sayings that growing up most of us have heard, isn’t it? Turns out it can’t be true for everyone. Why? Well, three of the major causes are excess graduate job applicants against the amount to fewer job openings, favouritism, and unfair recruitment policies. However, I am optimistic because there are many organisations which provide skill development training and job counseling which construct the youth for the challenging world ahead.



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