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Published: 19:49, Jul 19,2018 | Updated: 20:48, Jul 19,2018


WITH the growing trend of social media as a platform for shopping the fashion industry is not far behind in providing our desired products at our fingertips. Not just any kind of clothes, but designers themselves are opting to showcase their work online. Trends brings you two such brands who have created a name for themselves through their brilliant work.

The Dressing Room

Amid all the imported clothes and an industry running on mass production finding authentic designer clothes can be a tough task. The Dressing Room is home to some marvellous muslin creations designed by Fariza Majumder. The focus is on Muslin but she works with all kinds of fabrics to match the demands of the seasons. Cotton is mostly preferred during summer and georgette during winter.
In her collection there are clothes for people of all ages. As pastel colours, light and sober designs are a part of her signature style, it can be worn by anyone. Rarely does she use dark colours as pastel colours seem to brighten people up according to her. There are various techniques used for each dress. A dress might flaunt works like hand paint, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, karchupi etc. All the dresses designed by her have a unique spin, like a dress with fluffy feathers on its sleeves and bottom.
When asked about her inspiration to start this venture she stated, ‘I always used to design clothes for myself as well as for my relatives and friends. I was appreciated by everyone and from there the idea of making it into a business came to my mind.’
Along with dresses she specializes in muslin saris. Floral designs with colours like blue, pink, purple, yellow are mostly seen on her saris giving them a classic tone. The shalwar kamizes start from Tk 8,000 and can go up to Tk 25,000, whereas the saris start from Tk 20,000 and can go up from there.
You can see these unique dresses and saris for yourself after getting an appointment with Fariza. Currently she is operating from her home and all her clothes are available there for you to choose from. Once there, you can either choose from the ready to wear ones or give your measurements for the three pieces she has in store. Since the opening of The Dressing Room in 2014 these one of a kind designs have been appreciated by everyone.
Every season she brings out new collections and is currently working on the Eid Collection for the upcoming Eid ul Azha.
To stay updated with her collections keep your eyes on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheDressingRoomDhk/

Shazfa by Tararnum Ali

Bringing new designs and unique styles into fashion is what Shazfa is about. There is an interesting story about the name shared by the owner Tarannum Ali herself. On May 5, 2016 she started an online page on Facebook named Shazfa by Tararnum Ali. Many people asked her what Shazfa meant and some people started calling her Shazfa.’ I chose this name because the word Shazfa means success in Arabic,’ says Tarannum. The brand Shazfa by Tararnum Ali is a boutique that offers a distinctive blend of contemporary styling with premium quality, intricate embroidery and trendy Motifs.
Most of the designs are inspired by nature, beautiful birds, botanics, flowers and sometimes monuments and architecture. But all the dresses are made keeping the weather, the tradition and the modern trends in mind. Her collection mostly consists of kurtis, tops, fotuas, kamizes. The designs are made with embroidery, sequin work, patchwork and often ornamented with tassels, bows and pearls. To keep it vibrant and fresh all the colours of the spectrum are used in her work. Her specialty is using different cottons like chicken work and lace work or any other comfortable fabric that would look exquisite on anyone. Apart from the fabric the dresses are all different from each other, they cannot be categorized as a certain type rather each one is a master piece on its own.
‘My design philosophy is simply to dress the women of today in pleasant, practical and pretty outfits. I once noticed that whenever someone was going abroad for vacation or other purpose they use to think about what to wear there and start to make new attires. The reason was probably our popular traditional wear shalwar kamiz was not ideal for most activities and locations they planned to visit. So, I focused on this niche market and offered a collection consisting of outfits with a touch of tradition but very comfortable and practical. Outfits for all occasions such as luncheons, dinners, casual coffee dates, office wear, and travel wear and resort wear,’ says Tarannum.
As it is still summer the current focus is on outfits made of cottons and linens. The dresses range from Tk 5,800 to Tk 16,000 at the moment and are available in sizes 34-52 according to chest measurement. Pictures of the dresses are posted on her page and group. To order it all you have to do is send in your name, preferred size, address and phone number. You have to pay half the amount as advance when ordering, the other half when receiving the product. The dress will be ready in maximum two weeks’ time. You can order online or you can come visit their boutique and place orders.
To get more information or have a look at the collection visit the Facebook page Shazfa. https://www.facebook.com/bytararnumali/

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