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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jul 15,2018 | Updated: 17:55, Jul 14,2018


Bangla films have recently been receiving fresh new storyline, directorial touches as well as newer technologies. These modern productions are attracting a newer set of audience, mainly urban youth, into the cinema halls. New Age Youth asked students to share their last film watching experience in movie theatres.    

Nusrat Nooha

Viqarunnessa Noon College

I'm not fond of visiting movie theatres. But after the release of Aynabaji, all the good reviews and the hype made me think, I had to watch it. On September 30, 2017, Dhaka witnessed the release of Amitabh Reza's directorial debut-Aynabaji. Since its release, the crowd flocked inside cinema halls, after ages. Hundreds of people lined up in front of ticket counters. I myself had to wait two days before I got my hands on a ticket. I went to Modhumita, however, I was a bit upset for not getting tickets for cineplex. But luckily I met Amitabh Reza after the show. He came to observe the crowd, which was the best part! The movie is basically the story of a human chameleon serving as body doubles for convicted criminals, who goes by the name Sharafat Karim Ayna. The story is the perfect combination of twist and turns. Location, direction and cinematography, in one word, combine to a masterpiece. After ages, I witnessed perfect atmosphere of a movie theater. House full halls filled with satisfaction. There is no doubt it was a great success for our movie industry.

Sofia Kamal

United International University

Last film I went to the theatres was for Poramon. It was a heart touching Bangla movie. I already had a few positive reviews about the movie. Now, urban youth are becoming interested in watching our own movies. I think the future of our Bangla film is very bright. Graphics, performances, story and other technical aspects, overall are so fascinating that the audiences are going to movie theatres regularly. Now, my friends and I, often make plans to go to watch movies in cinema hall, especially Bangla movies. Few years back we didn’t even think about that. If the progress continues, they can catch the international market. Though some countries already watch our Bangla films, they are giving a positive feedback too. I am quite sure that one day our Bangla films will compete with other international industry productions. It will take time but it will.


Jannatul Ferdous Anan

Jahangirnagar University

I usually prefer watching movies at  my own home, comfortably. But the trailer of Aynabaji was really something.  I got so excited that I actually went to a cinema hall for the first time to watch this movie. And I must say it was absolutely worth it. I mean the cinematography, the graphics, the camera works, the script, the storyline and the last but obviously not the least the amazing acting of the whole cast was absolutely magnificent. Also I enjoyed watching Dhaka Attack and Doob. Moreover, I can't wait for the movie Debi to come out. So if the new movies can make an introvert person like me to go out and watch it then I think the contemporary improvement of Bangladeshi film is actually very promising.


Farzana Hossain


On September of 2016, I came across a trailer of a Bengali film named Aynabaji on YouTube. As soon as I watched the trailer, it seemed different than most of the films that are made in Bangladesh these days. The trailer caught my attention and I finally had a Bengali film which I could go on and watch in a theatre after a long time. A few days later, it hit theatres and I went and watched it in a nearby theatre. It felt refreshing among all the mediocre films that are made in the industry these days. It was directed by Amitabh Reza Chowdhury and produced by Content Matters LTD. A special mention should be given to the marketing team of the film as they made this film the talk of the town before its release which led to a huge box office opening. I was somewhat satisfied with the film and felt it was worth the money and time I invested. After watching it, I thought, although most films coming from Bangladesh these days are mediocre, with the right and a good script, way better films can be made too but only if producers back the new talented filmmakers with fresh ideas. Also the marketing teams should do their job so that no good film can go under the radar.



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