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Story of a sea rocket

Riasat Raihan | Published: 00:00, Jul 08,2018


Class discrimination is ever rampant in our society, however, often the outcries are absent from the narratives of the movies produced. Here comes Komola Rocket (2018), which, symbolises the society within a steamer, consisting of people from every class. Aftermaths of exploitations are explored here with help of different sub-story lines. Riasat Raihan reviews the movie.

Should we talk about the film industry of our country, I think it has been evolved or at least trying to evolve in the last decade or so. Although, it is obvious, that if we compare other film industries, we are definitely lacking behind both in commercial prospects and the quality that a film should possess. But our industry has some terrific filmmakers who are giving their best to give our audiences a great cinematic experience.

In this Eid, Komola Rocket (The orange ship) which is one such movie with a different story line, has been released. Directed by Noor Imran Mithu, it’s also his directorial debut movie. Last we have seen Mithu was as an actor in Pipra Biddya. Since its release, Komola Rocket is getting a lot of attention from the urban community.

First, let’s dissect the film’s plot. The plot is too simple yet it’s interesting, because, it creates parallel story lines. The film is based on Shahaduz Zaman’s two short stories- Moulick and   Cyprus. Noor Imran Mithu, the debutant director has also written the script. The main storyline revolves around a journey, of people from different economical class, on a steamer. The word ‘Rocket’ connotes here as steamer.

After you watch this movie, you will understand that we actually live in a society which is extremely class divided. Komola Rocket has tried to assemble mainly three economical classes in his story- upper, middle and the marginal class. In this movie, we see small stories of different characters, which are deliberately used to build up their life story. One of the characters is Atik played by Tauquir Ahmed, who is a dishonest businessman. Atik demonstrates some moral flaws and he is trying to escape because he torched his own factory for insurance money. His crime claimed lives of a lot of people. He represents the industrialist class who can to go any extent to squeeze the last drop of money from the workers.

Coincidentally, one of the dead worker’s body from his factory is also being carried by her husband on the same steamer. So, there is a story of that husband who just lost his wife and everything with her. By simultaneously running different story lines, the director creates a robust sense of the plot.  

Between these two different situations, there is an upper class family. The husband of that family is played by Dominic Gomez, who likes to show off his power and wealth. But her wife, played by Seuti, doesn’t like her husband’s flaunting which creates marital problem all the time.

On the steamer, there is also a young girl played by Samia Sayed, who comes to the journey with her boyfriend, Bappa Shantanu acts in this character. They are seen close in this movie, Mithu tries to portray them as a fun loving couple but somehow you might think it awkward when you watch the film. Last but not the least, there is a role of an agent played by the talented Mosharraf karim, to me, he single handedly pulls the movie off. It’s his acting that keeps the movie alive to the edge.
Now, let’s put some light on the actors’ performances. First, it is Karim who steals the spotlight.. The role of an agent he plays is beautifully portrayed.  His dialogues give the comic relief in the storyline. Then there is Tauquir Ahmed. His performance is also praise worthy. It is really amazing to see him in a negative role. The husband of the dead female worker is played by Joyraj, we know him as a comic actor. But after this movie we can say that, he can do some serious roles too. Samia Sayed does well in her role as an industry rookie.

Technical aspects of the film also need some light. Given the first attempt of the character, he does a decent job. However, the story looses grip from time to time creating dullness; also there are some shots which seem unnecessary. At some points, the story needs to go forward, but, it procrastinates. The story, overall, needs a bit more consistency and tight knitting.    

Cinematography of the movie is fantastic. There are couples of drone shots which are really beautiful. The angle of the camera used on actors when they are delivering the dialogues, is soothing to the eyes. If you are a fan of Spike Lee’s movies, then you will love the camera work. The dialogues are well written. There seems to be authenticity and realness in the dialogues.

But the weak point is the script. Given the story line, this could have been a great script. However, the young director, from time to time it seems, has taken too much load in this first attempt. When story needs another fresh angle, it continues thus losing interest of a lot of audiences.  

Having said that, the shortcomings of the film, it’s a commendable attempt from Mithu. After all, he picks a theme, class difference, which is not a well explored story in recent urban movies. This movie clearly manages to deploy the message that within a boat or a society, different classes exists and the economic hierarchical exploitations are ever present.    

Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.



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