The triumphant tigresses

Youth Desk | Published: 00:00, Jul 08,2018


Women cricket team has recently achieved the first major cricketing trophy for Bangladesh cricket. On their way of the first Asia Cup win, they have demolished mighty India and also, bagged their first bilateral series win afterwards in Ireland. Their success is translation of their dedication, hard-work and determination against all the odds, financial, social and infrastructural, they have to face. New Age Youth asks students to express their mind on this.   

Adrita Roy
SOS Hermann Gmeiner College

WOMEN power is real, and our women are no less than our men, it has been proven greatly by the recent victory of Bangladesh national cricket team of women. Our tigresses have won the Asia Cup in June in Kuala Lumpur against the mighty, six time champion India. Whereas our male tigers have failed to do so, our tigresses have proven that we are no less than the remaining world.  They have brought the whole nation such glory. Most people of our country think of women as household objects and they can’t be more wrong this time as our tigresses have proven that if women of our country try, they can do anything. It will have such a positive effect on the thoughts of our country people. They won’t be able to criticise women anymore for wanting to play any types of game. There is praise for our tigresses in different sectors. This would help every woman of our country to dream and hope highly. Women cricket team continued their upscale performance to claim their first ever bilateral series victory in Dublin, after their successful Asia Cup. And I think our women cricket team is already a real inspiration for not only the women of our country, but also for the whole world. I wish our tigresses every success in their future

Maisarah Ashraf (Anonya)

University of Chittagong

THE June of 2018! Bengal tigresses roared with the fire of a triumphant giant. The national women's cricket team of Bangladesh finally snapped up to the thing that Bangladesh and its people have been yearning for so long! The ladies earned their place in the cricketing folklore by bringing Bangladesh’s first international trophy 21 years after the ‘Tiger’s’ historic victory in ICC Trophy which was held back then at Malaysia. Wait up! The tigresses didn't put a stop by rubbing India out from their stranglehold on Asia Cup but also made a new history in Dublin. Jahanara Alam became the first Bangladeshi woman to claim a five-wicket haul in international cricket. With their cumulative performances, they have achieved their first bilateral series win, that too in abroad. Their achievements scream aloud- Don't chain us, we can do anything the man can do!

Sofia Kamal

United International University

BENGAL tigresses are doing really well and the main reason behind this is their high ambitions. It is not an easy path that they have chosen. They have to face a lot of obstacle, still, they are fighting and getting better. Compare to our male cricket team, they are getting fewer facilities, fewer opportunities, less respect and not to mention less economical benefits. Besides they are facing more problems because of our conservative society and for the stereotypical mindset towards women. As a career perspective, cricket is difficult for women. They are fighting for their career even knowing that they are not getting that respect which they deserve and the salary compared to men. It is nothing but prodigious motivation which is moving them forward to fight this situation and to achieve tremendous success.



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