Bir sreshtha Ruhul Amin memorial museum and library: No librarian since inception

Mohiuddin Alamgir and Bikash Sarker | Published: 00:31, Dec 10,2016 | Updated: 08:21, Dec 10,2016


Ruhul Amin

Bir Sreshtha Ruhul Amin Memorial Museum and Library has been without a librarian since its inception eight years ago.
The lone caretaker, who works on a temporary basis, looks after the museum and library that has about 3,500 titles on various subjects, especially liberation war.
Moreover, he has also to tackle the visitors.
The government in 2008 built the museum and library at the birth place of Bir Sreshtha Ruhul Amin at Baghpanchra of Sonaimuri in Noakhali to preserve the memories of the valiant freedom fighter but it have only a few articles used by Ruhul Amin.
The museum cum library was built as part of constructing seven memorial museums and libraries at the birth places of the seven Bir Sreshthoas.
The government also named the village Ruhul Amin Nagar after Ruhul Amin.
‘Just after their inception, the museum and library fell to the indifference of the government,’ said Sohel Chowdhury, a grandson of Ruhul Amin.
‘At the beginning, there were no galleries; we on our own built a gallery and put some articles used by Ruhul Amin on display,’ he added.
‘We requested the authorities to appoint an assistant librarian but the post remains vacant till now,’ he said.
Freedom fighter Mohammad Hanif has bemoaned that the museum is incomplete as it does not have adequate number of articles on display to portray Ruhul Amin properly as well liberation war.
‘If you want to present history of liberation war, particularly the great heroes, properly, you have to develop the museum,’ he observed.
The museum and library had several medallions conferred upon Ruhul Amin by government and semi-government and non-government organisations at different times, many posters on independence war and periodicals.
‘A museum named after a Bir Sreshtha cannot run in this way,’ said an offended visitor, Rahim.
Noakhali deputy commissioner Badre Munir Ferdous declined to make comment about this, saying that the district council was responsible for the museum and library.
Noakhali district council executive officer Khurshed Alam said he was not aware of any request for the appointment of librarians.
Ruhul Amin was born in June 1935. He was posted as engine room artificer of gunboat Palash in 1971.
Today is the 45th death anniversary of Ruhul Amin. To mark the day, the museum arranged a discussion meeting and a prayer session.
On December 10, gunboat Padma and others went to capture Pakistan Naval Base PNS Titumir in Mongla Port. By 2:00pm, they were close to Khulna Shipyard, when three fighter aircrafts were spotted in the sky.
The soldiers in Padma and gunboat Palash sought permission to shoot at the aircrafts but the commander of the naval crafts informed that these were Indian aircrafts. All on a sudden the three aircrafts began bombing Padma and Palash. The commander of the Palash ordered everyone to leave the gunboat.
But Ruhul Amin stayed back in Palash and tried his best to keep the gunboat active. Suddenly, a bomb fell on the engine room of Palash, leaving it completely destroyed.
Ruhul Amin jumped into the sea and with injury somehow managed to swim ashore. Pakistani soldiers and some razakars who were waiting there brutally tortured and killed him. His body could not be recovered.

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