Directors can’t avoid responsibility for cheap entertaining plays: Zahid Hasan

Staff Correspondent | Published: 17:07, Jun 19,2018 | Updated: 18:59, Jun 19,2018


Zahid Hasan as Dulu Baburchi.

Popular actor Zahid Hasan has played diverse characters in short drama series and teleplays being aired on different TV channels as part of Eid special programmes.

Among the Zahid starrer seven-episode drama series currently broadcasting on different TV channels are Fair Play, Football Faruk, Dulu Baburchi and Amar Bou Nayika.

Banglavision will telecast Zahid starrer Fair Play at 08:40 pm, NTV will air Dulu Baburchi at 09:50 pm, ETV will air Amar Bou Nayika at 10:30pm and RTV will air Football Faruk at 07:55 pm tonight.

‘Though I have played diverse characters in different Eid drama series and teleplays, not all characters and plots were to my liking,’ said Zahid Hasan.

The actor said directors, who agree to make cheap entertaining productions, have to shoulder blame for low quality teleplays.

‘Many directors agree to make low budget productions for TV channels as a result we are seeing so many low quality productions,’ said Zahid Hasan in an interview with New Age.

‘In low budget productions directors rush about everything and artistes have to work under pressure. As a result the quality of the productions suffers,’ he added.

In both Fair Play and Football Faruk Zahid plays the character of an ardent football lover, while he plays the character of a cook in Dulu Baburchi.

Fair Play stars Zahid Hasan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Abul Hayat, Dilara Zaman, Runa Khan and others.

The comedy series, written and directed respectively by Palash Mahbub and Abul Hayat, revolves around two brothers enacted by Chanchal Chowdhury and Zahid Hasan. One brother is a supporter of Argentina, while the other is a die-hard Brazil fan.

In comedy series Dulu Baburchi, directed by Sagar Jahan, Zahid plays the character of a cook. The series also stars Ashna Habib Bhabna, Shahanaz Khushi and others.

In Amar Bou Nayika, directed by Shakhawat Manik, Zahid acts opposite Monalisa and in Football Faruk directed by Sazzad Sumon Zahid enacts the character of a football lover.

Besides drama series, Zahid has also acted in teleplays like Golapjan Chhatri Nibas, Biye Birombona, Megh Piyoner Chithi and others which were aired on Deepto TV, NTV and other channels during Eid.

Many makers have released teleplays and drama series on YouTube and other online platforms during Eid celebrations. The trend is becoming popular as directors can easily release their Eid productions on YouTube. On the other hand, TV channels follow lengthy and controversial selection procedures during the Eid celebrations. Besides, viewers can enjoy programmes on YouTube without interruption of excessive advertisements.

When asked whether online platforms or YouTube could become a substitute for TV channels in future, Zahid replied, ‘It is true that many viewers find excessive advertisements on TV channels disturbing but I do not think that TV channels will lose viewers to online platforms.’

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