Mass wedding of trees in capital

Ahmed Shatil Alam | Published: 01:01, Feb 25,2018 | Updated: 01:08, Feb 25,2018


Only the pairs were different otherwise all the trappings of weddings enthralled the invited guests at the capital’s Agargaon locality.
It was a mass wedding between trees organized by Green Savers to raise awareness about the need to bring humans and plants closer again.
The group of environmentalists said that the distance between man and nature created by the pervasive workaholic culture should be bridged for the wellbeing of the coming generations.
In a festive atmosphere garlands, brought by owners of trees, were placed on the pairs of the plants whose weddings took place.
The plant owners themselves were in festive attires and the ceremony had all the trappings of gorgeous weddings with the sweet tunes sehnai being played in the background.
A marriage registrar administered the wedding hymns to 21 pairs of trees at their mass wedding as the spring breeze created a pleasant atmosphere on the sprawling lawn of the Department of Environment.
The mass wedding of trees recreated harmonious relationship between man and nature even if it was for a brief time.
The mass event’s organizer Ahsan Rony, the founder of Green Savers, told New Age that the huge distance between man and nature created by ‘our workaholic lifestyle needs to be narrowed down.’
Roses, emporiums, tilias, and gladiolas were among the 42 home garden plants brought by 42 families to make up the 21 pairs for the mass wedding ceremony in what was quite a pristine show with the guests being offered traditional sweets.
The destination of the newly wed pairs were settled through tosses and the winners took them home for the first three months.
The pairing was done between roses and the tilias, emporiums and the Christmas trees and the like.
At knotting the tie between an emporium and a Christmas tree, the witnesses were actor Riaz and DoE director general Sultan Ahmed.
The Festival of the Marriage of the Trees happens annually in Italy’s Basilicata region by its inhabitants as part of their pagan traditions. 

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