Dhaka seeks Moscow’s engagement in Rohingya solutions

3 UK MPs say Rohingya crisis a man-made tragedy

Diplomatic Corresondent | Published: 00:01, Sep 22,2017 | Updated: 00:43, Sep 22,2017


Bangladesh has requested Russia to play role for sustainable solutions of Rohingya crisis stirred up by violence of Myanmar authorities in Rakhine.
Three Conservative Party members of the British Parliament on Thursday described the Rohingya situation as a ‘man-made disaster’ and stressed the need for expedited measures for stopping violence in Rakhine so that the victims could go back home.
Foreign minister AH Mahmood on Wednesday made the request to his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in their meeting on the sidelines of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York, officials said.
Lavrov told Mahmood Ali that Russia was aware of Rohingya situation. He said Russia would engage with Bangladesh on solutions to Rohingya crisis.
The ministers ‘exchanged opinions’ on current issues of the regional and bilateral agenda, Russian foreign ministry said in a release without any elaboration.
Nearly 4,29,000 minority Rohingyas, mostly women, children and aged people, fled violence and persecution during ‘security operations’ by Myanmar military in Rakhine to Bangladesh till Thursday since August 25, raising a total number of undocumented Myanmar nationals and registered refugees in Bangladesh to about 8,49,000.
Three British Conservative Party lawmakers Anne Margaret Main, Paul Stuart Scully and Will Quince visited Rohingya victims in Cox’s Bazar.
At a briefing, Anne Main said that she was shocked after hearing and seeing horrific situation of Rakhine people fled violence in Rakhine State of Myanmar.
Main said, ‘Their parents, husbands and kids were murdered. They were driven out of the country. They were abandoned by Burma.’
Main also said that a female victim told her that her husband and a son were murdered, their home burnt and she walked for five days to find shelter in Bangladesh.
‘There is no question in my mind that it is ethnic cleansing,’ she added.
Will Quince said that Rohingya situation was clearly a ‘man-made tragedy.’
Paul Stuart Scully said that everyone they talked alleged that Myanmar army men committed murder, arson and violence. They placed landmines along the borders.
It ‘is required’ to put pressure on Myanmar military chief for stopping violence, he said. 

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