Gana Forum for govt’s neutral role during elections

Staff Correspondent | Published: 00:22, Sep 21,2017 | Updated: 01:35, Sep 21,2017


Gana Forum president Kamal Hossain on Wednesday demanded neutral role of the government and its administration during the next general election.
He came up with the remarks in the Election Commission’s ongoing pre-election dialogue with stake holders, including registered political parties.
Kamal, however, skipped direct answers to the queries of the journalists on his party’s position over the election-time government. He just said that election should hold under the constitution.
According to the constitution, the election will be held under the incumbent government.
He said that his party submitted a 22-point proposal to the EC for holding an acceptable general election.
In its proposal Gana Forum suggested the commission the take necessary move to ensure the law enforcing agencies and armed forces under its control.
The party also demanded direct election in the reserved seats for women and delimit the area of the constituencies following the matters of communications, population and administrative areas.
Attending in the separate meeting the EC, Gana Front demanded increase constituencies on 450 from the 300.
The party also demanded an election-time government and deployment of army in the election with the other law enforcement agencies, sad the party chairman M Jakir Hossain.
The parties also asked the commission to work for creating a level playing field for all parties and take initiative to use illegal power.
The next general election is due on January 28, 2019, at the latest.
The current round of dialogue between the EC and the stake holders kicked off on July 31 while the commission already talks with 16 parties out of 40, and with the representatives of civil society and print and electronic media. 

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