‘Salman Shah didn't kill himself, he was murdered’, says an accused

United News of Bangladesh | Published: 19:14, Aug 07,2017 | Updated: 19:19, Aug 07,2017


Salman Shah

‘Salman Shah didn't kill himself, he was murdered,’- thus spoke one of the accused in the popular actor's death case, Rabeya Sultana Rubi.

Presently an expatriate in the US, Rubi recently posted a video on social media which has gone now viral.

She alleged ‘Salman Shah didn't kill himself, he was murdered. My husband (John) planned it and my brother accomplished it. Samira's family (Salman Shah's wife) was the mastermind to kill him. A Chinese community member completed the task.’

The accused said she will do everything to prove her allegation. ‘They also tried to kill me. So I am on the run as I am the last person who can prove it as killing. Now they are trying to kill me as the case may be reopened anytime.’

She also asked Salman Shah's mother Nilufar Chowdhury to urge for a reinvestigation. Actor Salman Shah's mother Nilufar Chowdhury in a press conference on 9th February of 2017 said it murder too and alleged that ‘there have been many efforts to establish the case as a suicide case in the past.’

The popular silver screen actor in the 90s mysteriously died on September 6, 1996 at 25 and his father Kamaruddin Chowdhury had filed an unnatural death case which he later turned into a murder case when One Rezvi Ahmed was arrested from the house of Shah's mother, who said he had killed Salman with the help of Salman's wife and mother-in-law and eight other accomplices. Rezvi, however, later disowned his confession given before the police.

Detective Branch, Criminal Investigation Department of police and a judicial probe body investigated the case separately and submitted their reports that Salman's death was a case of unnatural death, which Salman Shah's family rejected.

On December 7 of 2016, a court here has asked the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to carry out further investigations into the case filed over the death of popular film actor Salman Shah in 1996 for the fresh inquiry.

Nilufar said in the petition a total of 11 people including Aziz Mohammad Bhai, might have been involved in the killing of her son.

The case accused 11 persons, including the actor's wife Samira Haque, producer and businessman Aziz Mohammad Bhai.

The others are Salman's mother-in-law Latifa Haque Lucy, house help Monowara Begum and seven more — Rizvi Ahmed alias Farhad, choreographer Nazrul Sheikh, 'David', Ashraful Haque Don, Rabeya Sultana Rubi, Mostak Wayeed, Abul Hossain Khan — all presumably Bhai's associates.

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