‘There is still room for quality work’

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Dipu Hazra

Teleplay maker Dipu Hazra tells New Age

Noted teleplay maker Dipu Hazra said that some of the directors are trying to produce quality works despite a not-so-heartening condition in the teleplay industry.

Dipu Hazra, who is credited with directing over 25 single-episode plays and a number of drama series including the critically acclaimed Three Comrades, made this observation in an interview with New Age.

‘I have been working as a director for many years, and from my experience I can say the overall condition of the teleplay industry is simply not good enough,’ he said.

‘Today, a teleplay or serial is judged against its commercial prospects, without regard to its artistic aspects and aesthetics.

‘But that wasn’t always the case.

‘There was a time when directors and other professionals involved would go through years of hands-on training, and only after gaining considerable experience would they take up the challenge of working on their own.’

Dipu thinks lack of a healthy culture of competition is to blame for the erosion of artistic values.

‘The number of channels has increased greatly, and demand for teleplays and serials has also gone up. This created a situation in which productions are being made in haste, without much deliberation,’ he said.

However, Dipu, who was behind some popular teleplays such as Shapla Studio, Kuttachor, Uttorio, and Setubandhan, is optimistic that there is still room for quality work.

‘Some of us are trying to improve the situation by producing quality works so that people get back to our channels. Personally, I wait for opportunities to produce a quality work rather than making one for the sake of making,’ he added.

Dipu Hazra began his career as an actor in the theatre. Later, he started working an assistant director in films and teleplays.

In 2009, he joined Ekushey Television as a producer. In 2013, he directed Hay! Bangladesh, a teleplay based on a story of injured freedom fighters.

He got the Critics’ Award for CJFB Best Director in 2011 for his work. 

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