Bangladesh textile giant says invented coronavirus killing fabric

Staff Correspondent | Published: 21:29, May 14,2020 | Updated: 22:34, May 15,2020


Zaber and Zubair Fabrics Limited, the largest textile manufacturer in the country, on Thursday claimed that they invented a new fabric ‘Corona Block Fabric’ with the help of biocidal and virucidal treatment, which could kill coronavirus within 120 seconds with the precision of 99.9 per cent.

Z&Z, a concern of the country’s leading garment exporter Noman Group, made the claim at a press conference on the introduction of the fabric in the capital.

Senior officials of the company said that the fabric was invented with the help of some chemical ingredients which were registered under the United States toxic substance control act and Environmental Protection Agency.

Anol Rayhan, brand manager of Z&Z, said that the treatment of the fabric had been tested and validated under the test norm ISO 18184 and had regulatory coverage.

He said that they made the product with the support of its two Swiss partners and all the long-time global partners (buyers) of Z&Z were excited with the innovation as the world might have to exist with the pandemic for long.

‘We have started sending the fabric to our buyers in the US and European Union from the first week of this month and received responses from more than 100 buyers as of today.’ he said.

Anol said that the local consumers would be able to buy the product from Blue Jens, an online shop of the company, from the next month and the prices would be 20 per cent higher than the normal products.

Raashid Asraf Khan, chief marketing officer of Zaber & Zubair, said that the fabric was virus and bacteria protected, wash durable, soft and breathable in 100 per cent cotton and blends, and safe for skin.

‘For the PPE fabrics, it is solvent and fluid repellent in 100 per cent polyester composition, has high tensile and tear strength and is wash durable up to 20 washes,’ he said.

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