New rate to be effective from Sept 18: BTRC

Staff Correspondent

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission on Wednesday informed the IGW, ICX and mobile phone operators that the new international incoming call rate and revenue share would be effective from September 18.
The BTRC order came following an application of IGW Operators Forum, a proposed cartel of IGW operators, to give retrospective effect of the new rates from July 1.
The new incoming call rate, which was lowered to 1.5 cents from 3 cents, will come into affect from the date of issuance of the respective order which is September 18, the BTRC order said.
The telecom ministry on November 2 made it clear to the BTRC that that the slashed revenue sharing and international call termination rate would be effective from September 18.
BTRC officials said a group of international gateway operators, backed by ruling party high-ups, in October requested the BTRC for giving a retrospective effect of the new call rates and revenue share.
The BTRC on September 18, following approval of prime minister Sheikh Hasina and an order from the telecom ministry, issued a directive to lower the international call termination rate and government revenue sharing to 40 per cent from 51.75 per cent.
The revenue sharing of the IGW operators, however, was raised to 20 per cent from 13.25 per cent.
The BTRC officials said that the call charges and revenue sharing rates were lowered mainly to give benefits to the 25
IGWs which got licences in 2012 because of their strong connections with the ruling Awami League.

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