Struggle for democracy to continue: Khaleda

Staff Correspondent

Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Khaleda Zia on Thursday urged the people to continue struggle to protect and strengthen the democratic institutions.
The BNP chairperson in a message marking ‘Shaheed Jehad Day’ said that her party, being inspired by the martyrdom of Jehad, would be able to uphold democracy, protect independence and sovereignty and resist domestic and foreign conspiracies.
Naziruddin Jehad was killed in police firing during the movement against autocratic ruler HM Ershad on October 10, 1990.
Khaleda said Jehad’s name would remain in the history of movement against military rule.
She said that the movement was waged for re-establishing multiparty democracy and Jehad had embraced martyrdom while in the forefront of the anti-autocracy movement.
Khaleda said the movement had turned into a mass uprising after Jehad’s killing that culminated in the fall of autocrat Ershad.
She said Ershad had destroyed democracy and Jehad had laid down his life to restore democracy. She said his soul would not rest in peace if his dream could not be materialised.
Khaleda said democracy was not only about election but also about ensuring freedom and fundamental rights of the people. ‘But, at present, an ‘undemocratic evil force’ has been imposed on the state and the society,’ she added.

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