Nat’l Committee calls for saving Sundarban

Staff Correspondent

National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports has urged the government to cancel coal-based thermal power plants at Rampal in Bagerhat and Orion Power Plant near Sundarban to save the world’s largest mangrove forest from destruction.
The national committee in a statement on Monday said that the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, while inaugurating an international tiger conference urged all to save Sundarban saying ‘Tiger save Sundarban and Sundarban save Bangladesh’ but she did not mention that she had taken steps to destroy the forest.
National convener Sheikh Muhammad Shaheedullah and member-secretary Anu Muhammad signed the statement.
It is a tragedy that the government wants to save Sundarban, but it is installing Rampal Thermal Power Plant and allowing Orion a power plant near Sundarban, which would destroy the mangrove, the statement said.

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