Eid teleplays are relatively better: Tauquir

Tauquir Ahmed

Tauquir Ahmed

Noted actor-director Tauquir Ahmed has observed that teleplays made on regular, non-festive occasions are mostly low-budget and qualitatively inferior to those made for the festive seasons, which is why he says he works only during Eid festivals.
‘Generally, I don’t work for television during other times of the year. I work only during Eid festivals as Eid is a special occasion and the dramas that are made are comparatively better with increased budgetary support and everything,’ he said in an interview with New Age.
Tauquir Ahmed will appear in two teleplays this Eid, both also directed by him.
One of them is Arohon, written by Bipasha Hayat and to be aired on Banglavision. Tauquir will appear opposite Nadia in the play.
His other teleplay is Indrojaal, both scripted and directed by him. The play will be aired on Asian TV.
Aside from his Eid endeavours, Tauquir said he is working on his next film Halda at the moment. ‘The film depicts how a river is slowly dying and losing its beauty and navigability as a direct consequence of manmade causes,’ he said.
Halda River is the country’s largest natural breeding ground for carp. The film’s shooting will begin in August. ‘The story is very relevant to our time, so I believe people will love to watch the film,’ he said, adding that it will star Mosharraf Karim, Tisha, Zahid Hasan, and Fazlul Rahman Babu.
Tauquir Ahmed, who switched to direction after a successful acting career on both television and film, has so far directed four feature films including Joyjatra, Rupkothar Golpo, Daruchini Dwip and Ognatanama.
He started his career as a lead actor in a romantic role in early 1980s. Many of his dramas were broadcast on BTV at that time. Among his notable teleplays are Harjit, Pratyasha, Oi Khane Jeonako Tumi, Andhokarey Jonaki, and Sonali Danar Chil.

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