Apparel workers demand minimum wage at Tk 16,000

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Apparel workers demonstrationGarments Sramik Odhikar Andolan, a combine of 12-garment workers’ rights bodies, on Wednesday handed over a memorandum to the Wage Board chairman’s office , demanding increase of wage of the garment workers.
The garment workers were suffering much to run their families with the minimum wage of Tk 5,300, which was awarded three years back, the memorandum said.
They demanded increasing minimum wage of the garment workers to Tk 16,000 per month with a basic of Tk10,000.
Prior to the march towards the Wage Board, the combine leaders held a rally in front of the National Press Club, where leader Mushrefa Mishu, said that the government had already implemented the pay scale, but did not form wage commission for increasing the wage of the workers.
She demanded formation of wage board for increasing wage of the garment workers.
Another leader of the combine, Mahbubur Rahman Ismail, demanded 50 per cent dearness allowance for the garment workers.
Chaired by Mushrefa Mishu, garment labour leaders Taslima Akter Lima, Rafiqul Islam Pathik,Shabnam Hafiz, Touhidul Islam,  Fakhruddin Kabir, Prakash Dutta and others spoke at the rally.
After the rally a delegation of the leaders led by Mushrefa Mishu, handed over the memorandum in the office of the Wage Board chairman.

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