Seminar on Tagore’s thoughts on education held

Cultural Correspondent

Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s thoughts on education are still relevant in the twenty-first century and deserve reevaluation in the contemporary context, said speakers at a seminar.
The seminar titled Rabindra Shikkha Bhabna (Tagore’s Thoughts on Education) was held at the seminar room of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Friday.
It was organised as part of the second founding anniversary of Khamkheyali Sabha.
Professor Shoaib Gibran of Bangladesh Open University and professor Abhra Bose of Visva-Bharati University presented papers at the seminar chaired by language movement veteran Ahmad Rafiq.
Professors Shafi Ahmed and Bishwajit Ghosh also attended the seminar as discussants.
The speakers talked about Tagore’s lifelong contribution to the idea of education.
‘For Tagore, education did not mean what we impart in the confines of classrooms, rather what enlightens men and women and connect them to their surroundings and to the cultures beyond,’ said Abhra Bose.
‘Tagore was not an education theoretician; he practiced what he said through Shantiniketan and Visva Bharati. He envisaged an education system that was deeply rooted in one’s immediate surroundings and reality but also connected to the cultures of the wider world,’ he added. Shoaib Gibran praised Tagore’s education thoughts which stood in contrast to the then imperial education system.
‘The aims of education as envisioned by Tagore are self-realisation, intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. He was also a passionate advocate of using mother tongue as the medium of instruction in educational institutions,’ said Ahmad Rafiq.

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