Deepto TV launched

Cultural Correspondent

A new television channel has hit the country’s already-crowded broadcast market. Deepto TV, the channel, began its journey on Wednesday.
Information minister Hasanul Haque Inu was present at the programme as the chief guest.
Like most television stations that are already in operation, it will also air a combination of entertainment shows and news programmes.
Kazi Zahin Hasan, director of the channel, said viewers’ satisfaction is the fuel that runs TV businesses.
Deepto TV, which is a project of Kazi Media Limited, began telecasting with the Bangla-dubbed Turkish TV series Sultan Suleiman.
Primarily, it will also air three mega-series titled Oporajita, Khuje Firee Takey and Palki. It will also air a number of foreign drama series and cartoon shows to cater for the viewers of all age-groups.

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