Hospitals discharge patients ahead of Eid

Tapos Kanti Das

Hospitals discharged many of their patients in the past couple of days as most of the physicians and nurses would be on leave on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha falling tomorrow.
Relatives of several patients discharged from hospitals said that they were asked to leave the hospitals as there would be scarcity of physicians and nurses for the next few days.
Hospitals, however, claimed that they had discharged only routine and less serious patients, who did not need emergency interventions, but critical patients were still at the hospitals.
They also said that many patients left the hospitals on their own to celebrate Eid with their family and friends.
Many of the patients, still at the hospitals, and their attendants, however, said that they were apprehensive about getting proper treatment during the Eid holiday.
The routine patients, awaiting surgical intervention of other serious medical treatment, usually avoid visiting outpatient departments during such holidays, said officials at different hospitals.
The National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation discharged Lokman Bhuiyan of Narsingdi, who needed surgery to repair ligaments in the leg, on Wednesday as the physicians concerned would not be available at the hospital till Saturday.
Lokman said that the authorities asked him to go home and come back on September 27 to get admission at the hospital again.
Institute officials said that their patients were being discharged since Monday and the number of indoor patients came down to nearly half of the 500 beds at the hospital on Wednesday.
The institute director, Iqbal Kavi, said that they were discharging those whose conditions were not ‘serious.’
Many of the beds at the National Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases were found empty on Wednesday afternoon while the officials said that over 50 patients were discharges in the past two days while the number of newly admitted patients was almost half of the discharged patients.
The institute director, Abu Azam, said that they had kept the critical patients and claimed that there would be sufficient physicians and nurses at the hospital during Eid holiday.
Many of the wards at Dhaka Medical College Hospital were found almost deserted on Wednesday.
Only two patients were found against the capacity of 15 beds at ward-111 meant for thoracic surgery patients while only six patients against the capacity of 20 beds were at ward-112 meant for urology patients.
Only two patients were found at ward-110 having 25 beds.
Mohammd Ali from Hazaribagh in the capital said he underwent a haemorrhoids surgery, better known as piles surgery, on Tuesday and the hospital discharged him only after a day asking him to come to the hospital after a week for a follow-up.
He, however, found no harm in his discharge as his residence was in Dhaka and he would be able to come to the hospital easily after celebrating the eid with his family members.
The hospital director deputy director (administration), Khaza Abdul Gafur, said that they discharge the patients only after the physicians found them improved and recovered.
He said that the hospital continued to receive patients referred from different hospitals across the country during the Eid holiday.
He also said that they completed all preparations to handle the rush to the hospital during the holiday and the physicians and other staff of the hospital would work as per their rosters during the holiday.

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