Manna’s unfinished film to be redeveloped

Cultural Correspondent


The last film by late superstar Manna, who died of a heart attack on February 17, 2008 with its shooting nearly completed, may finally see the light of day as the producers gear up to resume the production and complete his remaining scenes.
If the plan materialises, Manna’s fans will see him return to the big screen for a final time after seven years.
Before his death aged 48 in 2008, SM Aslam Talukder, better known as Manna, completed shooting most of his parts in the film Brishtir Chokhe Agun, which was being directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan.
His death left the production in limbo.
‘It will not be easy to resume and complete the film, since we are going to need a complex mix of technology support, script rewrites and stand-ins to make up the parts that Manna couldn’t complete,’ said Sohan.
‘However, we are determined to find a way so that people can watch their favourite actor’s final film on the big screen.’
Sohan also said that Manna’s widow Sheli Quader’s suggestion and permission for the film were already sought and taken. ‘It will take a lot of arrangements to resume shooting but we are trying to do all that is necessary,’ he added.
Manna acted in over 200 films and his popularity soared after he starred in films such as Ammajan, for which he won the country’s best actor award in 2006. Besides acting, he also served as a producer of several films and was also the secretary general of the Bangladesh Film Actors Association.
Among some of his notable films are Danga, Shesh Khela, Khal Nayak, Bashira, Rongbaz Badshah, and Tandob Lila.

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