AL-backed Islamists demand law for death for atheist bloggers

Staff Correspondent

Ruling Awami League-backed Islamist groups on Saturday demanded enactment of a law making provisions for death sentence for atheist bloggers to stop writings demeaning Islam and its prophet on blogs, websites and social media.
They made the demand at a human chain organised by 13 likeminded Islamist groups including a faction of Bangladesh Awami Olema League in front of the National Press Club.
Awami Olema League in a release issued by its general secretary Md Abul Hasan Sheikh Shariatpuri stated that the speakers at the human chain said that atheism was largely patronised in the country under the label of ‘progressive, intellectuals and free thinkers.’
The atheists are maligning Islam and its prophet in newspapers, books, social media and websites, the release said.
They said that no step was taken against the atheists including ‘Taslima Nasrin, Salman Rushdi and Daud Haider who had crossed the limit.’
They said that the bloggers like ‘anti-Islam and self declared atheist’ Abhijit had been giving ‘issues’ in the hand of religion traders and, that was
why the government should find out the killers of the atheists and at the same time legal actions should be taken against atheists.
They demanded slaughtering of at least a caw in each of the 20 lakh masques across the country for organising prayer sessions to observe the ‘National Mourning Day’ on August 15 commemorating the 40th anniversary of death of the country’s founding president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
They also demanded ban on all sort of entertainment programmes particularly dance.
They also demanded ban on text books of schools containing statements against Islam and Quran.

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