Ananta launches talent hunt show for actors

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MA Jalil Ananta

MA Jalil Ananta

Dhallywood star and business magnet MA Jalil Ananta has launched a talent hunt programme to cast new faces for his upcoming films, starting with The Spy: Agrojatrar Mohanayok, which is reported to be in its pre-production stage now.
The actor announced the plan at a press conference on Thursday, giving details about the goal and nature of the competition which will be held in every divisional city as well as outside the country for Bangladeshi expatriates.
Representatives of private mobile operator Robi, which has teamed up with Ananta for the project, were also there at the conference.
‘The industry is suffering from a shortage of actors. I personally have suffered a lot while looking for actors for different roles in my films,’ said Ananta. ‘The hunt show will hopefully solve this problem, at least partly, and supply some good actors to the industry.’
Ananta, who will also appear in a lead role alongside Afiea Nusrat Barsha in The Spy: Agrojatrar Mohanayok, has produced and acted in six big-budget films so far. He has also directed two of them. Barsha, also his wife in real life, has appeared in almost all the films.
‘The industry gets its share of heroes and heroines every year, but what about the supporting cast? You need actors for roles like the villains, parents, and children. Plus, we need to have enough actors, even for lead roles, so that we can cast as necessary.’
‘It’s often seen that an actor plays the role of a beggar in one film and the role of a scientist in the next – whether or not their personality goes with it. They may or may not fit the description of the character in the script.’
‘So the lack of actors means you don’t have enough choice to apply when casting according to the needs of a script,’ he added.
Only Robi subscribers can be able to register for the competition. Auditions will take place in every divisional city and also in the countries like USA, UK and Australia.
About 300 applicants will be able to take part in the initial round, and ultimately 22 of them will be chosen for different roles such as children, parents, villains, and so on. The winners will be cast in Ananta’s upcoming films and have the flexibility to work for any production house.
Ananta also talked about creation of new directors for the industry.
‘Through this programme we will get new artistes, but we will have to find ways to bring in new directors. Personally, I have launched the career of now-established directors like Iftekher Chowdhury and Anana Mamum through my films,’ he said.
Ananta also said he is currently working on the script of The Spy. ‘Hopefully, we will be able to start the shooting during Eid-ul-Adha festival.’


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