I’m greatly inspired by the award: Shormi Mala

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Shormi Mala

Shormi Mala

Shormi Mala, who received the National Film Award 2013 for Best Actress for her performance in Gazi Rakayet’s Mrittika Maya, said she was greatly inspired by this achievement.
‘I couldn’t believe my ears when I first got the news that I was selected for the best actress award, for my part in Mrittika Maya,’ she said. ‘I’m really excited and happy. It means a lot to me and will spur me on to do better in my future films.’
‘I am also grateful to the entire team of Mrtittika Maya without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to do such a film.’
Mrtittika Maya swept the National Film Award 2013 with a record-shattering 17 awards. Shormi Mala was tied with Mousumi for the best actress award, the latter winning the accolade for her role in Devdas.
Shormi bagged the award with her second appearance on the big screen, debuting in Goutam Ghose’s critically acclaimed biopic of Moner Manush (2010). Two of her films are currently awaiting release including Shahnewaj Cacoly’s Nodijon and Abu Shahed Emon’s Jalaler Golpo.
‘I want to take our films to the international stage and that can be done only through hard work and dedication.’
Shormi, who began her acting career with the theatre troupe Palakar in 2006, is simultaneously working in films, television and theatre.
‘Film can bring recognition for an actor, but for me, personally, nothing beats the excitement of performing in front of a live audience. This is the reason why I love theatre so much, because here both your good performance and bad performance are rewarded with instant audience feedback.
‘As for working in television dramas, I do that as a way of earning my livelihood. It’s a practical necessity, you can say. In the long run, however, I want to be remembered for my good works in all the three mediums.’
The actress is currently busy shooting for Afsana Mimi’s drama series Shatti Tarar Timir, which is airing on ATN Bangla, and also for Golam Sohrab Dodul’s series Hollabaji, airing on Banglavision.
She began her television career with Aminur Rahman Mumuk’s teleplay Bokulphul and her first drama series was Golam Sohrab Dodul’s Satkahon.
Aside from acting, Shormi Mala says she has her eyes set on doing humanitarian work and, with any luck, becoming a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations.

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