North Korea apologises to Bangladesh

Diplomatic Correspondent

North Korea on Monday apologized to Bangladesh over a diplomat who was caught smuggling gold.
North Korean ambassador Ri Song Hyon tendered the apologies being summoned by the foreign ministry in the morning.
On Thursday, first secretary for commercial and economic affairs Son Young Nam was caught with 27 kg of gold worth about Tk 14 core at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.
Foreign ministry director general for East Asia Jasim Uddin summoned the ambassador and conveyed the request to withdraw the erring diplomat, prosecute him for the offence on his return home and keep  Bangladesh informed about the action, said a senior official.
No criminal case was pressed against him as he enjoys diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention.
The diplomat in statement confessed the crime he committed and the embassy had taken him to its custody after giving a written undertaking to the authorities in Dhaka.
North Korea withdrew Son Young Nam from Dhaka on Sunday night and agreed to prosecute him for the offence on his return home and inform Bangladesh about the steps taken against him.
The ambassador was cautioned that stern action would be taken against anyone of the embassy found involved in such heinous crimes in future.
The ambassador informed the foreign ministry that Son Young Nam left Dhaka Sunday night, said a foreign ministry official.
He assured the foreign ministry that it would be duly informed after the other steps were taken against diplomat on his return home.

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